Good book for beginners

Hazel Tamayo

4 Stars

November 28, 2017

The book provides info on techniques, form, perspective & light, complex shapes & forms, value, volume & depth & how all those techniques are applied. The author also has a page for the materials she uses. However, she suggests expensive materials. I think it would also be nice to have some list of inexpensive quality tools. It comes with step by step description and sample illustration that you can follow. I think it's nice that there is a page that talks about color theory, value and composition. If you are a begginer, it helps to know this if you are drawing and painting. I also like the step by step brush techniques. I think the sample image provided also helps especially if you are a visual learner. You can learn how to paint various leaves, flowers, plants, trees, fruits, animals and some landscape. Unfortunately she doesn't teach how to paint people or portraits. So if that's what you like to learn, this isn't the book for that. I have used and painted with watercolors before but I don't have very many knowledge in brush techniques. I think this book helped me a bit with that. However, you can actually find most of the information on the early section of this book online or on youtube. The sample paintings are also not the most interesting. Overall, I think it's a good book. It helped me learn some techniques, but you can find some of the information in this book online if you research. I think the artist even shares some techniques on her page. However, I like having an actual book to read than using my computer or phone so I like this book.