When God Made You

Jonathan bradley

5 Stars

November 26, 2017

When God Made You – A Review

When God Made You, written by Matthew Paul Turner and illustrated by David Catrow, is a delightful children’s book.  Written completely in rhyme it brings to mind the timeless stories of Dr. Seuss.  The story tells about how God made each of us unique and has given each talents and abilities to be used to make the world a better place.  It encourages children to be themselves and to create, discover, and explore.  

The story (poem?) itself could easily stand alone, but with the beautiful, vibrant illustrations it becomes so much more.  Through the illustrations you see the story of a young black girl with purple overalls on and braids in her hair leaving behind a younger sister and going on an adventure where she uses her talents to help someone she comes across.  I’ve already read this story multiple times to my own children and I look forward to introducing When God Made You to the students I work with- little girls- many of whom have similar braids in their own hair- who I hope will see themselves in the story and be inspired by it.