Tuning in to the frequency

Douglas Kinney

5 Stars

November 25, 2017

Mark Batterson just can't write a bad book!  Like his previous books, once I started reading "Whisper" I could not put it down.  I always enjoy Mark's personal stories that he weaves into his books.  Mark gives solid biblical principles on how to hear the voice of God.

Wonderfully written, Mark lays the foundation needed to understand the power of the whisper and why the whisper is so powerful.
Then, Mark shares how to discover the Seven Languages of God.  Like a radio station, the sound waves are being broadcast, but we do not hear them.  Why?  Because the receiver has to be tuned to the proper frequency.  And the same is true if we want to hear the voice of God.  God is always speaking, but we must be tuned to Gods' frequency in order to hear Him.

Of particular interest to me was the  very first chapter, "The Bravest Prayer".  If you have ever faced a serious health issue this chapter will encourage you to rise up and pray your greatest prayer yet.  What are you afraid that God can't do?  After reading just the first chapter my life was profoundly changed.  God still speaks, we just need to tune out the noise and learn how to hear the voice of God.