Just Get Back Up

Marzie Kaifer

4 Stars

November 21, 2017

Joe Biden is one of the most liked politicians in modern America politics and this book highlights some of his many facets that make him likable. From his early days as a procrastinating law student to a grieving widower and father, to his ascendancy in the Senate, his tenure as Vice President and his enduring an unthinkable additional loss, Biden has typified the average Joe and the antithesis of average in his compassion, empathy, and championing of women's causes. This book lays all of these things out for the reader in an enjoyable series of vignettes. While Wilser is an obvious longtime Biden fan, that allows him to build an intimate portrait of Biden's adult life and his contributions and losses. The kernels of wisdom offered are simple ones. Joe Biden embodies the idea of "just get back up." He's done it again and again.