Witches and banshee, oh my!!

Katrece Nelson

4.5 Stars

November 21, 2017

Halloween night and the death of a local boy brings back memories of a murder decades old. Three women dubbed the Goddesses were found murdered at the supposed sight of the Salem Witch hangings. Two other people were also their that night. A little girl hiding in a bush and a woman that lived with the others, whom was found covered in blood rambling on about the banshee. This Morden day murder gets the town pointing fingers again at Rose, the crazy homeless lady, and also brings back Callie Cahill, the girl from the bush. In a town full of magic and lies who can you trust.

This book was magically fantastic. The amount of research that the author went through for this setting had to be exhausting. So many times I felt like I was right there in Salem. This story only strengthened my desire to one day take a road trip there. The characters were all so colorful and all seemed to have their own secrets that we were slowly chipping away at as the story progressed. The only negative I had with this book is about a third of the way through the story goes more into developing the relationship between Callie and her love interest and it totally took away from the mystical and magical story. I would still highly recommend this book to any and everyone I meet.