A Warm and Humorous Accolade to Joe Biden

Nancy Bekofske

4.5 Stars

November 19, 2017

Jeff Wilser is admittedly a long time fan of Joe Biden, and his appreciation shows in The Book of Joe. I had a lot of fun reading the stories of Joe's gaffs and greatness of heart. Wilser succinctly covers Biden's career and contributions in an agreeable and accessible presentation. Wilser extrapolates The Wisdom of Joe from Biden's life, replete with stories that illustrate Biden's core values. I laughed and had to share stories, and I was inspired and impressed by Biden's character. Wilser does address Biden's errors and faults, yet the man's humanity and warmth shine through in a lasting impression. I read the book in a few days, a welcome feel-good book in a troubled world. The book makes me want to learn more about Joe Biden.