When God Made You

Jennifer Ladewig

5 Stars

November 15, 2017

When God Made You

When God Made You

An incredible you..

perfectly crafted,


God knew EVERY detail.

Out of the BILLIONS of cultures, races, different places...

God already knew you!

Use your talents those gifts God fashioned.

YOU are an image of God!

...a dreamer of dreams...

A confident you!

You being you is God's dream coming true...

This precious storybook is perfect for the young child in your life. 
It celebrates all races and cultures with the main character being
a cute African American little girl full of spunk and BIG dreams. 
This book honors God as the divine creator of life and giver of gifts. Young 
children will read about how their special gifts will be a huge part of who they are. They will learn how much they are loved and will be encouraged to be all that they can be.