"The Fifth Petal" ~Brunonia Berry~ Review


3.5 Stars

November 14, 2017

This book had me intrigued! This cover is gorgeous and it has a great synopsis! I am also a sucker for anything historically related to the Salem witch trials. I also received this book right after Halloween so I was already in that spooky mood lol!

I had a hard time with this book though, there were a lot of characters and a whole lot of history that the author puts into this book. I found myself stumbling over several passages throughout the book because I had to stop and think about who that specific person was. There were A LOT of characters, which makes it hard to keep interested in the book.

The premise of the story is fantastic and it was a good read... but the amount of characters really killed it for me. AND they flip flop back and forth between present and the past. I know that is part of the story but it really makes it hard to concentrate on where the story is going. I do love the main characters, I think they are integral to the whole story but they get lost in the sea of other characters. The tell a side story of one of the main characters Rafferty (the police chief), which they could have completely done without and it still would have been a good story.

I liked this book  but it is not one that I will recommend. I think the author just tried to add too much into the story and it got a bit jumbled. Good story but not great execution.