Jeff Wilser: The Book of Joe

Haley Mills

3 Stars

November 13, 2017

Oh Joe Biden, how I miss your positivity and class.

This is such a cute little bio of 'Uncle Joe.' It's not quite as clever as Wilser's similarly formatted book about Alexander Hamilton, though it has the same quips and style.

The Book of Joe is a good way to get to know our former VP, and you can read this in a weekend. It's only 170ish pages, and covers his entire political career up to this point (fall 2017). I will say that I was a teensy bit bored in the middle--the 70s and 80s had me yawning. But, since this is such a short book, it didn't take long to power through it. I think anyone who has an interest in politics and modern American history will get a kick out of this.