Joe's The Man

Janet Oberfoell

5 Stars

November 10, 2017

  If you're already a fan of Joe Biden (me!) you will find this little novelette a real treat. The book is filled with short Joe Biden stories, witticisms, and highlights of his political career.
 I loved the tone of this book. It flows along with the right amount of commentary without being blithe. It's also the perfect size for a weekend read. It explained the history behind the plagiarism scandal of the 80's- which I've heard about but did not know the details of- the scandal  ended up being a simple gaffe that got blown out of proportion - like Howard Dean's howl - during a brutal campaign season. There are also stories about the painful losses in his family and how he came through them, his bromance with Obama, and a glimpse at what he's really like when the microphones are off. (Not a spoiler alert: He's a great guy.)
  Inspiration can be gleaned by other politicians on how to handle public office with dignity. He's always stayed classy, even in the face of a gaffe controversy. He actually owns up to them - a rare commodity in a politician nowadays - and tries to learn from his mistakes.
  The stories of the loss of his son Beau are very touching, as is the sweet story about how he courted Jill. I also enjoyed the tales from his rebel rousing teenage years when sneaking off during spring break. With self-discipline he went on to accomplish great things when he just as easily could've took a path to self-destruction.
  Little book, Big read. I definitely recommend this for everyone.