Review of NEW BOY by Tracy Chevalier

Angie Stormer

3 Stars

November 9, 2017

How about we begin with that for some strange reason I am indecisive regarding my opinion of this book. I have never had this occur before, so as you can imagine I am perplexed concerning it nonetheless I will forge ahead.

Next, this is a speedy read, you should blast through it in no time. The story takes place within one day additionally each section is a different part of the school day. Now, the story itself is interesting keeping you engaged. Furthermore, as a reader, I was engrossed in the many different aspects of hate and deception that the book was abundant with. However, eleven-year-olds do not have the mental capacity for such a complex plan that Ian instigated also some other situations were not proper for an elementary school playground. Plus, at that age, boys and girls are not as involved emotionally. Consequently, the plot of the story had trouble working logically for me though it was entertaining. That’s all folk’s.