Review: The Fifth Petal by Brunonia Barry

Julia Monson

4 Stars

November 9, 2017

This book is set in the world of The Lace Reader, and features some of the same characters. Still, I would consider this a standalone novel, and don't feel it is necessary to read the other one first. They do mention people being able to "read" the lace a couple of times, but that is it. It has no effect on this story.

The Fifth Petal is set in Salem, MA, and is a murder mystery. When the town crazy is accused of murdering a young boy (who is a real bully), her involvement in the "Goddess" murders of 25+ years ago is reinvestigated. At the same time Callie, the daughter of one of the "Goddess" victims, returns to town. She begins to investigate what really happened that night so long ago, and who is the guilty party?

I enjoyed the murder mystery aspect of the book. I was surprised when the killer was revealed. I thought is was someone else. Or maybe I was just hoping it was someone else. I did have mixed feelings about Callie's fiance. He turned into a big jerk and I wanted her to leave him.

The witchcraft element, although present throughout the book, didn't seem to prominent to me. More like an undercurrent running through. There were a lot of "visions" but really everything could be solved with good police work. The witchcraft added a cool factor to the story. 

I think the cover art is beautiful. The colors are vibrant, and my paperback copy has a nice "feel" to it.

I received a free review copy from Blogging for Books and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.