The Last Girl. A poignant look at surviving ISIS

Annie Ryan

4 Stars

November 8, 2017

In The Last Girl we follow an Iraq girl named Nadia Murad as she retells her story of being captured in August of 2014 by ISIS and being abused. This is a real look into issues that as someone living in the USA we know little or nothing about. 
Living with her family in a quiet village Nadia's life is thrown into turmoil when terrorists arrive, hold siege, and eventually overtake her village.
She, along with other relatives is taken captive, and brutally attacked and abused. She tells her story of her brave escape, kind people that take her in and help her get to freedom, and becoming a refugee.

It is a story of surviving against odds, standing tall, and being brave. 

Now rescued she uses her experiences to speak out and bring awareness to the crimes and genocide committed by the Islamic State. 

This is a sad story, but not without purpose, and hope for a better future.