Common-sense tips packaged with trendy zen

Hannah Micona

2 Stars

November 7, 2017

I picked this book up because I'm not a terribly social person and can always use tips for interacting with other people. The suggestions in this book, however, are simple common-sense things and fundamentals of interaction that everyone really should already know, even if they don't implement them: actually listen to the person you're talking to, be polite, don't gossip, don't complain, give compliments, etc, etc. These suggestions are couched as being Buddhist wisdom, presumably in an attempt to catch the interest of people who are into the latest trends (which Buddhism certainly seems to be), but really there's nothing new here, and while there are a few insights into the Buddhist attitude (or at least this author's Buddhist attitude) I'm sure there are both better conversation manuals and better Buddhism books. Maybe useful if you're really, truly socially inept and awkward (which, admittedly, more and more people in this day and age are), but otherwise, skip it.