The Sunlight Pilgrims

Kristin Fields

1 Star

November 3, 2017

Not only did the cover make this one seem totally promising, but the idea of an apocalyptic page-turner had me pressing the confirmation button in a heartbeat. I really tried to love this one and even though Stella’s character was super interesting, I just couldn’t get into the story (even after 150 pages). I’m a big fan of plot driven stories and this is one of those books where nothing happens. The one redeeming quality was Fagan’s writing style — her prose is beautiful and I love how she told the story. On the flip side, the mechanism she used for dialogue was so confusing for me. There were no quotation marks and a lack of attribution for what was being said. I kept rereading passages because I had no idea who was speaking, so I finally gave up. I hate giving a poor review for a book I didn’t finish, but this book was not for me.