When God Made You | Book Review

Dorothy Whitfield

5 Stars

November 3, 2017

I recently read 'When God Made You' and I was pleasantly surprised.

'When God Made You' is a children's book written by Matthew Paul Turner. I haven't read it to my children yet, but I will soon. I am actually hoping that our eight year old daughter will do her own review. We shall see. (I will post a link to her review, if she decides to do one.) The title and the cover drew me in, but the story and the illustrations within kept my attention.

This is definitely one of the first children's books, that I have read as an adult, that I can honestly say I smiled while reading. It may have been written for children, but it is a story we all need to read.

'When God Made You' is a reminder to us all that we were made with purpose and on purpose. It is a call to action. This book shouts LIVE LIFE ABUNDANTLY. I hope my children get as much out of this book as I did.

I happily add this book to my collection and look forward to reading it from time to time.