Tracey Breen

3.5 Stars

October 27, 2017

If you have ever wondered what exactly medical school entails then you are the exact audience for Med School Uncensored by Richard Beddingfield, M.D. The author details the good, bad and the ugly each step of the way and it is valuable information for a prospective student of any age.

Med School Uncensored answers the questions and provides the details which is in turn is a dose of reality versus the theory of how to navigate medical school.

For The Family Of The Medical Student

The author gives a peek into what a medical student will be facing each step of their journey through medical school, residency and possible fellowship. Those who regularly watch television shows and movies with a medical school theme are familiar with match day; this book gives an inside view of match day and its’ implication on the future course for the student and extended family (students in the class.)

Why A Layperson Would Want To Read Med School Uncensored?

The easiest answer is that you are related to a medical student or any student thinking of pursuing medical school. I was interested after encountering different doctors through the years from the fabulous to the sketchy, I always wondered the inner workings of medical school and the education received in medical school.

I also wondered from a patient viewpoint and in the time of the electronic medical record how thatis taught in medical school.  Or rather they should teach in medical school the dance of actually looking at a patient instead of the computer screen; surely it is an art to look at a patient, talk to a patient and fill out the history on a computer simultaneously while leaving the patient with feeling the patient matters versus the electronic medical record.

The book Med School Uncensored is a valuable gift for any aspiring medical student and for any parent wondering if medical school is a good match for the talents of my child.

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for an unbiased review.