An Encyclopedia of Peppers

Bethany Schatzke

3.5 Stars

October 27, 2017

This book is not for the casual pepper fan.  This encyclopedic book is a detailed, thorough explorations of this beautiful and versatile vegetable that changed cuisines around the world.  Going over the history of the pepper from its home base and beyond the bulk of the space is devoted to the varieties themselves, most of which were completely or very unfamiliar to me.  Each is given a biography, including sources for where the reader can go to get their own seeds.  There is a photo accompanying each pepper variety which not only helps with the identification of different types but highlighted the astonishing variety of forms a pepper will take.  Included is a gallery of both dried and fresh peppers which was both useful and rather fascinating.  The book also includes a variety of resources for procuring seeds, as well as growing tips, many pepper-themed recipes.  This handsome hardcover book makes a fascinating coffee table piece and would be ideal for avid chefs and gardeners.