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Phoebe Farag

5 Stars

October 26, 2017

I can’t describe how much it hurts my heart to hear my children compare themselves to other kids—and feel bad about themselves, especially my daughter, who as early as age four complained that her gorgeous curls don’t “flow” like her straight-haired friends. When I received When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner from Blogging for Books to review, I received a gift. This beautifully written and illustrated story is everything I want to say to my children when they feel bad about their differences. The words flow in a beautiful rhyme and don’t just affirm children as they are, but as we hope them to be:

’Cause when God made you, and the world oohed and aahed,

in heaven they called you an image of God.

You, you, when God dreams about you, God dreams about all that in you will be true.

That you—God’s YOU—would be hopeful and kind,

a giver who lives with all heart, soul and mind.

The book goes on to talk about being a creator, a peacemaker, “a mover, a shaker, a lover of nature.” This book makes a great gift for any young child. I’m so thankful to have it within reach, along another book by Jane G. Meyer with the same title, a similar them, and some gorgeous illustrations.