Book Review - Amanda Wakes Up by Alisyn Camerota

Nick Soto

4.5 Stars

October 25, 2017

Amanda Gallo has finally made it. She got her dream job as the morning anchor at FAIR news along with a new six figure salary and a wardrobe allowance. With enough resources and a prominent job, Amanda feels she can finally make her family proud and start planning her future with her boyfriend, Charlie. However, things are not as she expected. She finds her journalistic ideals quashed by rating crazed producers, fighting for hair and makeup time and deal within her overbearing sexist coanchor, Rob. Things heat up with wild card candidate and former Hollywood actor Victor Fluke appears in Amanda's life. How far will Amanda go to get her next big break? Will Amanda be able to handle the pressure of her new job?

The novel was a fun and interesting read. I love how it felt realistic and showed the issues women face when trying to climb the ladder. A must read for any working career woman!