The Creeps

Mary John

4 Stars

October 21, 2017

This is a really cute comic that is perfect for October! I didn’t realize this when I was reading it, but this book is the second one in Krause’s Deep Dark Fears collection. You can, however, still read this without having read the first one, since it is literally just comics based on uncommon (or maybe common for some of you) fears that people have.

There are some really quirky fears, but there are also really dark ones. While some of the fears can be quite gruesome, the artwork itself does not go into too much detail, so the reader is spared from disturbing images.

I hate scary books (and movies, for that matter) but this wasn’t scary; however, I did read this in the morning, so if you want the “full effect”, you can totally read this at night. This is a very, very quick read; in fact, I think I read this book in its entirety in about 10 minuets, and that was with me appreciating the artwork. You can get through this book pretty quickly.