I enjoyed this lighthearted read about real fears.

Brittany Rae Olson

4 Stars

October 18, 2017

Let me start off by saying I had no idea what kind of book this was upon ordering it.  I did know that I needed something on the lighter side of things as I am delving deep into my second masters. 

The book is called The Creeps: A Deep Dark Fears Collection and the Author is Fran Krause.

Again, I did not know what to expect... and I open it to fear # 27 about shaving legs and slicing/peeling up tendons.  HOW REAL IS THAT-- do any of you fear this?  Because I do and that has been a fear of mine since day one of shaving. 

Fear # 59 talks about swimming in a lake and feeling things in the water.  Also a fear.  The last page of the book indicated who gave Fran the ideas for these comics.  It is so good to know that I am not alone in my fears and makes light of it all with hilarious doodles.

This was a nice easy read, which took my mind off my daunting homework.  I would suggest it to anyone who has fears like these so you know you are not alone. 

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