Interesting and fun

Diane Estrella

4 Stars

October 15, 2017

I got this book to give to my 15 year old son as a Christmas gift. He is not a big book reader, but this subject is near-and-dear to his heart, so I know he will thoroughly enjoy it.

I think the author gives far reaching (back to the very beginning) insight into the progression of how video games have evolved. This was much more complex than I had previously thought. I also think the artwork is good. The color palette the artist selected is slightly muted (not as bright and neon-colored as I would have thought) but well done and it definitely has the serious comic book vibe to it.

I think the marketing niche for this book is small, but those who consider themselves true "gamers" will enjoy reading the complete history of how it all began, and who we have to thank for the millions of mindless hours (haha) spent playing these electronic games.