We aren't enough but that's ok!

Jessie Young

5 Stars

October 14, 2017

Every mom... every single mom needs to read this book! Talk about saying it like it is, but doesn't have to be! This book is such an encouragement but at the same time I feel my heart being convicted over and over. All the Me gospel things she talks about are me. But I don't want them to be me anymore. Through numerous scripture passages, examples and stories the reader is gently guided to new mindset and ways of thinking about God and his ideas for my parenting and living as a Christian mom. This book is just what I need. I understand scripture better because of this book. Nothing is based on feelings or the author's ideas. Everything is brought to scripture, compared to scripture, refuted by scripture etc. the fundamental ideas we carry about parenting are based on selfish desires and pride. This book helps me see the gospel for what it really is and how it can change me for the better not just as a mom but as a friend and a wife. This book is practical. I felt like I connected with the author from the very beginning. I knew what she was talking about and felt like she was writing about me. Read this book!!  

I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest opinion.