The World of Color

Connie Liechty

5 Stars

October 14, 2017

Color Index XL by Jim Krause appealed to me after watching graphic design webinars.  The world of color intrigues me.  I am familiar with some of the terms from photography, but the mixing and matching of the colors is new to me.  I appreciate how the author presents the concepts so even a novice can understand.  The basic concepts of Color Theory: Hue; Saturation; and Value are presented so one can easily comprehend the concepts.  The greatest benefit of the book is as a tool to practically apply to one's daily living whether it be remodeling a room with new colors, creating scrapbooks for photos, or you name it.....painting your car or airplane!  What a great book to just learn how to appreciate the world of color in nature or make a creation of your own.

This book was compliments of Blogging for Books.   Thank you.