Gospel Centered Mom

Julius McCarter

5 Stars

October 14, 2017

Brooke McGlothlin's Gospel Centered Mom:  The Freeing Truth about What Your Kids Really Need exposes all the cultural pressures that moms feel -- the pressure to provide a creative environment for our children at home, the pressure to teach them what they need to know in the home and outside, the pressure to provide the perfect Pinterest birthday parties and the list goes on and on.  All of those pressures add up and leaves us feeling empty and less than equipped to be the mother we think our children need.  But it also goes a step further:  To provide a sane and faithful voice in the wilderness, a prophetic call that reminds mom that the feeling of not being enough is such a universal feeling among mothers.  McGlothlin reminds moms that when we turn to the Gospel, our feelings of not being enough can melt away and we can be confident in our role of the mothers to our children.


As I was reading Gospel Centered Mom this week, I couldn't make notes and underline fast enough.  The book is filled with pastoral heart and written with a rich spiritual wisdom.  It's an encouragement to all the women I know who have felt (and probably even still do!) the same as she's written.


There are some great tools here for becoming that kind of Gospel Centered Mom and each chapter ends with a "Hard Truth" -- a one sentence summary of the Gospel that can't help but become "The Beautiful Truth" (which follows each of those summaries).


The Gospel Centered Mom is one of those books that every family needs.


I received a free copy of this game from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review here.