Color Index XL

NATOSHA miller

5 Stars

October 12, 2017

This book, Color Index XL by Jim Krause is full of much-needed color info that any designer or artist could use! I love the different options and choices that can work together or blend well and become another. I knew some of these back in art school, during high school. However, that was a long time ago and this book really helps me recall some information that I forgot and really never understood about when it comes to using certain colors and styles. The words like value, hue and many others are also explained inside. The author does explain how they all play a role and what they mean.

I honestly feel that this book on color this really is a great one! I love the examples, color wheels, terms, and useful explanation of the wheel and how it breaks down to form the other colors. This book can really make you think more about color than just that of its name or what you see, like green and yellow. Instead, you learn how the colors form from one to another or what is a warm color or cool color. Plus, how one bright color can be different with using muted or change of light source to create the same design to appear different. It's quite different and something new that I've found interesting. Makes me think of the use of photography and how much you can change a photo with the same colors by fixing up the lighting. No matter, there is so much that you can get from this book about color, without taking a class or course on it. Plus, it's easy, short amount of pages with real words to help you and most of it is palletes of color to use for guidance and decision making on what to use.

Of course, I had a few books in the past about color, and yet most of the info I found in those books were not clear on much about the color but examples. However, this is very straight to the point and packed with useful color palettes to see the difference of warm, mixed, and cool type colors. It does remind me of art class but very quick and straight to the point with information, which is easier for anyone to read and still a very helpful resource. Therefore, this is great for anyone to use, beginner or not. To sum it up, this is a great book! I love the detailed info, colors, and helpful samples and tips inside that I never knew. I feel that I'm learning some new that I never knew about before.