Michael Taylor

4 Stars

October 10, 2017

“Shaken: Young Reader’s Edition” is a good book for the young reader (such as my son) who wants their life to make a positive impact for God’s glory. Just under 200 pages, the title addresses several relevant issues, some of which include:

1. Finding your identity and life’s purpose.
2. Not being afraid of obstacles in your life.
3. Be careful of letting negative influences affect you.
4. Don’t be concerned about being normal, be the person God wants you to be.
5. Not being afraid to stand up for something worthwhile.

Other topics are included and only a few are mentioned above. A good read, the book smoothly transitions from topic to topic and is full of encouragement and challenges to the reader to do the right thing. Will give this to my son as a gift soon. I was given a review copy by BookLook Bloggers in exchange for a fair review.