Isaiah's Daughter - A Book Review

Sheila Jackson

5 Stars

October 4, 2017

Isaiah's Daughter: A Novel of Prophets and Kings by Mesu Andrews is a truly remarkable book!  this novel is completely different than most of the books I've read.  I'm always a little leary of "Bible story" fictional books.  For one, I don't want to read a book in biblical language.  I want to read and relax and understand.  For two, I don't like when a Bible story becomes so fictional that it strays from the truth.

What I do like is reading a book like this and it being rich in The Word of God.  A story that helps you relate and connect with biblical characters that you've read about your whole life. These are the things that Isaiah's Daughter offered for me, not the prior. 

It is very obvious that the author is rich in knowledge of the Bible.  She has a writing style that is captivating and I felt transported to biblical times as it felt I was walking beside the characters as their story unfolded.  

I will definitely be checking out more of the Mesu Andrews books.  If her other books are anything like this one, she will quickly become a favorite of mine!

I want to share a little excerpt from the beginning of the book...  Isn't that just beautiful.  It's simply poetic!  The first sentence had my heart and I knew I was in for a great reading experience.

Songs are written of sons, but daughters are left to whispers. So gather near, friend, to hear of a daughter beyond imagining. She had the heart of a lion. Braver than a soldier. Wiser than a king. She was queen in Judah long after King David’s bones had turned to dust. Long after the arrogance of Solomon’s son split Israel into two nations. When the northern tribes seized the name Israel, the southern tribes called their new nation Judah and placed David’s descendants on their throne. Judah’s capital was the city of Jerusalem and its God was named Yahweh. But Israel bowed to pagan gods and even led some of Judah’s kings astray. Yahweh’s prophets spewed warnings, and Judah’s brave daughter, the lion-hearted queen, dared ask the prophets why? When? And how will Yahweh’s judgment fall? One incomparable prophet answered, foretelling Assyria’s cruelty as Yahweh’s weapon of wrath. Isaiah, a man born to royalty, shouted at kings and comforted beggars. The records proclaim him husband to a prophetess and father of two sons. This is recorded, detailed, written. But what of his daughter? Her story begins when the northern kingdom of Israel joins forces with Aram, a neighboring nation. They attack Judah in retribution for refusing to join their coalition against Assyria. Isaiah prophesies to Judah’s King Ahaz— a promise and a warning. Ahaz ignores both. His decision forever changes the life of Isaiah’s daughter.

Isn't that just beautiful.  It is simply poetic!  The first sentence had my heart and I knew I was in for a great reading experience.

I would definitely recommend this book.  Head on over to Amazon and grab your copy now!  You won't be sorry.

***Thanks to for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.