Eat your fats!!

Sophie Foley

5 Stars

October 1, 2017

I recently read through the "keto reset diet", cookbook. I have long been intrigued by the keto approach. Basically, it is very low carb, high fat and moderate proteins. The science behind it, is that your body will always either burn far or carbs, so if you deprive it of one and fuel with another, you will kick your body into ketosis, where it will convert sugars into fuel and burn fat. But I didn't quite get what I could or couldnt eat on this plan, and how to effectively approach it. Que this wonderful guide. Seriously. Mark thoroughly explains the whys and how's and what to expect in the way of side affects and hurdles. This is the perfect beginners guide to keto and to getting your body to go into ketosis. Thank you blogging for books! This review copy is a must read!!