Creepy, cutesy fun!

Destiny Barber

5 Stars

September 25, 2017

The Creeps, in a nutshell, is an illustrated compilation of user-submitted fears, put into an artistic format. Fran takes users' fears and puts them into these little panels that are so easy to relate to, it's ridiculous. I couldn't help but laugh at a few of them because they just sounded so familiar! Meanwhile, there were some that surprised even me - either because they were so far-fetched I couldn't help but smile, or because they were so understandable that it made me wonder why it had never crossed my mind. The art is cutesy and watercolor-esque, and I just think this would be such a fun, slightly spooky read for anyone who enjoys comics or graphic novels. 

I was lucky enough - and very grateful - to be provided with a beautiful finished copy from Blogging For Books, in exchange for an honest review!