The Fifth Petal

Grace Bowling

4.5 Stars

September 25, 2017

I just finished The Fifth Petal by Brunonia Barry, author of The Lace Reader. The Fifth Petal takes place in the Lace Reader world, but is by no means a “part two” to the book. It’s a stand alone novel. I’ve never personally read The Lace Reader, but after reading The Fifth Petal, I’m adding it to my list to read.

The story takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, which to be honest, is what pulled me into this book. I’d love to visit Salem someday. I’d love to live in one of the New England states, it’s a dream. Back to the book, The Fifth Petal is not a YA book, which is what I usually read. It’s a contemporary mystery novel, with occasional flashbacks to earlier times, i.e., the witch hangings. If you’re interesting in magic, witchcraft and it’s history, you’ll like this book. I don’t personally practice magic. I’m interested though.

This book follows Callie Cahill as she discovers the mystery behind her mothers death. Her mother, and two of her friends, dubbed “the goddesses” were killed when Callie was just 5 years old. She returns to Salem, an adult to help the chief of police, John Rafferty, finally solve this Cold Case that has plagued the town of Salem. This book kept me interested as I learned about the characters and their histories. I like to try to figure out the ending when I’m reading mystery books, but I didn’t see this one coming until it happened.

So, if you want a quick “witchy” mystery book to fall into, I highly suggest The Fifth Petal.