The Sunlight Pilgrims By Jenni Fagan: A Review

Samantha Ham

2 Stars

September 19, 2017

The Sunlight Pilgrims by Jenni Fagan originally excited me. I loved the idea of surviving an ice age. Unfortunately, I never found any connection with the main characters Stella and Dylan.

Dylan was a thirty-five-year-old who lost his mother and grandmother within a month of each other. They were all he ever had. Being as I too lost my mom and grandma quite close together, I thought maybe I would connect with him the most. But it wasn't there. 

Then there is also Stella. She is a teenage transgender who is dealing with her recent transition and the bigotry around her. She is also dealing with teenage hormones at the same time. She still has her mother, who is irresistible to men and a horrible influence for Stella. She is irresistible to men and doesn't really come off motivated to fix their living situation.

On the upside, this book was very well written. I did like that the story didn't just throw us into the middle of the ice age. It gave us a softer beginning with a bit of backstory. And slowly the ice age was developing in the background. And the fluidity of which Jenni Fagan transitioned characters was amazing. I don't really feel like it was Jenni Fagan's fault that I didn't enjoy this book. She gave an appealing story line which was well given. There just was no connection for me to hang onto to keep me reading.