Sweet Potatoes!

Brittany Brown

4 Stars

September 4, 2017

From the moment I saw this cookbook, I was super excited. Sweet potatoes are my go-to side for every meal. They are extremely healthy, versatile, and delicious!

Well, this book taught me so much; including the fact that sweet potatoes don't have to be a side; they can be the main event!

I will keep this cookbook on hand for everyday dinner confusion, and to make sure I don't get stuck in a rut with the same old plain sweet potato every night! This book is full of over 60 recipes that definitely don't skimp on flavor; the author includes flavors I would have never thought pairing with sweet potatoes... but now, I am wondering why I have never thought of these flavorful pairings before! I love this book and will reference it often.

The book was provided to me complimentary of Blogging for Books.