A Must Read for All

Jeffrey Klick

5 Stars

September 1, 2017

Follow the Cloud, by John Stickl, is an excellent reminder that our goal in life is to live. We are not to be dominated by fear or hesitation, but by walking daily in the light of our marvelous Savior’s love.

After reading this pastor’s book, I understand why he has such a vibrant ministry. The ability to communicate in memorable phrases abounds on nearly every page. Consider just a few of the ones I highlighted with my trusty yellow pen:

  •          Jesus is the narrow gate that leads to a wide life.
  •          A heart full of faith gives us eyes full of vision
  •          …understanding always comes through obedience
  •          Remember, your future is always on the other side of your fear.
  •          The last thing you want to talk about is probably the first thing Jesus wants to address.
  •          Jesus is always more concerned with your next step than your misstep.
  •          We don’t take steps to become someone we take steps because we are someone.

There are dozens more of these type nuggets. Each of these thoughts and the many others lead me to think deeper about my relationship with my Father. The amazing grace displayed by sending Jesus and the Holy Spirit for His children is beyond anything but worship. And, as Stickl so aptly states, Worship reconnects the drifting heart to the Anchor of our souls.”

Two final thoughts that sum up the Follow the Cloud theme – “Destiny is not about finding tomorrow; it’s about walking with God today. It’s not a destination; it’s a way of life.” And, “Kingdom people are God’s answers to the world’s prayers.”

Our lives matter and God has a will and purpose for each one of His children. We draw near to Him, learn to live in His presence, and they walk out and change our world.

The book is an excellent read and I intend to make it mandatory reading for those that work with me.

Blogging for Books provided this copy to me in exchange for an honest review.