Shoot Every Arrow

Ken Morgan

5 Stars

August 29, 2017

I have been greatly blessed by Erwin McManus books for over 15 years! His insight into God's Word and the biblical life principles he shares through his books are powerful in the formation of faith and service in Jesus Name! In his last east book, The Last Arrow, Erwin speaks into a deep truth that touches the life of every person. What is this truth? Be Bold..Never Settle..Finish Well. The truth that really spoke into my life is this: God is looking for people who will never stop pressing into His life and purpose. God is looking for people who will be all in for the heart of Jesus, people who are all in for the pursuit of following Jesus everywhere He comes to lead us.  So often, we miss out on the amazing grace of Jesus to empower us to accomplish His wonderful work.  In The Last Arrow, you will be challenged and inspired to shoot every arrow that Jesus places before us to shoot. You will be inspired to no longer live in fear, but in the boldness of Jesus, you will walk in great faithfulness to Him.