Martha delivers again.

Aimee Lambert

4 Stars

August 27, 2017

First, let me say that I really like Martha. For all her fanciness she writes clear recipes that easy to follow and usually pretty good. This cookbook is no different, and I appreciate that. The one thing I did wish for is a little more diversity as there is not much that's new here-other than the fact that the directions are all for slow cookers.

I skipped over the chili, brisket and pulled pork-because, really?-and jumped to Duck Confit, Lentils and Freekeh with Greens and Apple French Toast.YUMMMM! All the recipes were great-the Apple French Toast is going to by a brunch regular on my table.

Besides the simplicity of the recipes the pictures are pretty spot on and are included with each recipe which is a huge bonus as I'm much more likely to make something if I can see it first. Another bonus are the little tips that are included in many of the recipes that offer insight on things like ways to make dishes crispy to uses for leftover liquids.