Misch Brannock

4.5 Stars

August 27, 2017

Martha Stewart and I go a back a long way, I think her very first book ENTERTAINING is probably one of the best holiday cookbooks I've ever owned. In fact both the cheesecake and brownie recipe contained in that book are my go to recipes.
So as the owner of a crockpot and a new 7 function multi-pot I admit I'm excited. Martha and company does not disappoint
starting with the Brisket and Onions on Page 20 and ending with the jams and sauces 110 recipes later this book offers
tasty and labor saving recipes not just for winter but for all year round. There is a Split Pea Soup with Ham, an Onion Soup and a Three Cheese Macaroni recipe just too name three family favorites in my house.
This book is loaded with many many I always wanted to try that recipes but never had the time...I now have the time...prep the
pot and go, Thanks Martha.