360-degree Life

Terri Cureton

4 Stars

December 17, 2010

360-Degree Life

By Billy Joe Daugherty

One thing I like to do before I read any book is to read the authors notes, the forward and any other notes included in a book. This gives me more insight into what I am about to commit to reading. I was so touched by all these notes and in the forward because I did not realize that at the time of his death, this book was almost completed but not yet finished. So, as I began to read, I realized that I needed to take note and soak in as much insight as I could get into my heart and brain because Billy Joe was a great example of "walking like Jesus did". There are lots of simple questions that are asked of the reader which are very thought provoking and will make you examine your own life, beliefs and actions.

Here is a timely reminder that I needed to hear, based on Philippians 4:4-7: "It doesn't matter how violent or hopeless the storm of your life may be, as long as Jesus is in the boat with you! He is the Prince of Peace, and peace goes where He goes - in your storm, in the economy, in your neighborhood! Trust Him. God will make a way for you! He is faithful to keep His promises and to do what He has spoken." 360-Degree Life is a must read for everyone!