Great Insight into Medicine

Teresa M

3.5 Stars

August 21, 2017

This book is mainly geared towards those looking to apply for medical school, or current medical students. I was interested in this book primarily for its premedical section. I greatly appreciated the first chapter that lists out common reasons (17 in total) why students may say that he/she wants to go to medical school and helps students expand their rationale. The second chapter is more disappointing. The author only devotes a couple of paragraphs to key parts of admissions: MCAT, application, interviews, personal statement, gap year. In other words, if you want a book that will help you get into medical school, this is probably not for you. The next two chapters: types of medical schools and how to pay for medical schools are also not specific. The real gem of this book is for students to learn about what happens next: how to survive medical school, residency and rest of career as doctor. These topics are usually not addressed in most prepping-for-medicine-books but are crucial to deciding whether or not you want to peruse this career or not. The author also includes insights from other doctors to strengthen the points in the book. Overall: great insight into the world of medicine and will be helpful to students.