Known by Dick and Ruth Foth

Jay Mayo

3 Stars

August 19, 2017

Known by Dick and Ruth Foth is a very interesting book on how to develop more meaningful friendships in our current society.

This book shared many valuable and fascinating insights on relationships that I believe can truly increase the meaning and connection of friendships, if readers are willing to put in the work and apply the principles that are shared.

I really enjoyed the great mix of biblical references and examples used throughout the book. It helped me to see how the insights that were being shared correlated with operating within God’s will and original design for us.

One thing that I wasn’t a huge fan of was the number of personal stories shared. There were loads and loads of them. This may not be an issue for some readers. However, readers like me who prefer more focus on principles rather than stories, this may be a turn off.

Overall, this is a very helpful book. If you have a desire to learn more about developing meaningful friendships, founded upon biblical principles, you are sure to find value and a few hidden gems in this book. I wouldn’t qualify this book as a must read, but it is very helpful.