Great Christian Children's Book

Tayler Morrell

5 Stars

August 9, 2017

As I am seriously starting to teach Rhys about God and Mormonism, I am on the search more than ever for Christian (and Mormon) picture books. He knows who Jesus is, but I want to really pound (I hate that term) it into him that Christ and Heavenly Father LOVE him. So, when I saw this book, I knew I had to get it.

The pictures are adorable and very colorful. I love the illustrations. It is a sweet book that tells the child just how much God loves them and why. How each child is an individual, different, and unique. But, they are all equally special because God made them. God made them just that way for a reason–it was part of His plan.

It was a little longer for a 3-year-old…probably more for a 5-7-year-olds, but Rhys sat still the whole time and kept looking back at our picture of Jesus hanging up. After I finished reading it to him, he decided to look back at the pictures because he enjoyed them too.

I definitely recommend you get this book for your Sunday collection!!!!!