Jane of Austin

Andrea book

5 Stars

August 8, 2017

Oh, how I love anything that is Jane Austin inspired. So when I saw this book I knew I had to get it. It was a very charming book. This was such a tastefully done book. I believe it stayed true to Jane Austin's style of writing. This book has a lot of parallels to sense and sensibility.  

The book is unsurprisingly modern though. I really enjoyed the sister's relationship and how believeable they were.  These three sisters have to get out of quite a sticky situation. There has been a large scandal surrounding their father.  I enjoyed the mystery of this plot line. In order to overcome this, they decide to open their own business. Of course, the business is a tea shop. 

I  really enjoyed the female empowerment in this book.  Their shop is in San Fransico, They have to overcome another challenge and find themselves in Austin Texas. Which I thought it was fun. These girls have so much adventure in their lives I was a little jealous, to be honest. 

This is a romantic tale, something super passionate as well as innocence. The writing style was surprisingly lovely and interesting. The song and recipes that are through out this book. It reads extremely easy. This is something I will read again!
Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for my honest and authentic opinions. All thoughts are my own. Thanks to Blogging for Books for this amazing read.