Glad these made it to the page!

Betsy Kipnis

5 Stars

July 29, 2017

Frequently I enjoy listening to "The Moth Radio" on NPR when I can catch it or listen to a replay on a podcast. The downside is one never has a collection of their favorite stories and in this anthology the curators have come as close as possible to achieving this task. I loved reading and in some cases re-reading these true narratives often by people who aren't committed to the page and find their story better told on stage. The length of the stories are perfect for periods of life when one has small windows of open time for reading. One gets the satisfaction of completing a story in one reading session. I wish the book was further themed or perhaps over time future anthologies will be. I will definitely purchase the next collection. This book is a pure demonstration of why we should value, embrace and defend the privilege of Freedom of Speech. It shows reader how diverse life experience is but how we can all connect via story and feeling.