Loveliest of Books

Selbi Kurbanova

5 Stars

July 26, 2017


I do not know if you can name yourself a feminist or if someone else has to declare that for you, but I like to think of myself as one. I think that women were created equal to men and everything men can do, women can do as well. I do not think of one gender being better or smarter or stronger based solely on the number of chromosomes in their DNA. I think a person to person varies and feminism isn’t about proving that women are better than men, it is about acknowledging that they are simply equal and deserve the same treatment. And this book is a proof of that.

Forty women worldwide and throughout the history are introduced in this book, some of who rose from poverty, prejudice, and injustice and accomplished great things. They broke through that glass ceiling and rose up next to men proving again and again to humanity that given a chance, an opportunity, greatness can be accomplished by a person of any gender or race. The book was beautifully illustrated and the women’s stories included in it were well-worded and candid. It is an inspiring book and it is sure to inspire many bright women and men to reach for the stars against all the odds against him/her.

To be candid, I had no clue who most of the women were in this book and I was truly glad to finally learn of them. Surely there were more than forty women that have ever lived that have accomplished great things; however, it is clear that a book is a limited document and not all of them could’ve possibly fit in it. Hopefully, the author comes out with a volume 2 introducing even more brilliant women. I’m very happy to own this book so as to share it with my friends and family both for educational as well as inspirational purposes. Catching myself rereading few stories again and again made me realize what a gem this book is that one cannot help but reread numerous times.

Thank you Blogging For Books and the publisher for gifting me with this book in exchange for an honest review.