All These Wonders

Jayne Phoenix

4 Stars

June 24, 2017

All These Wonders presented by The Moth is comparable to an adult version of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Chicken Soup of the Soul usually consists of stories of underdogs that end up on top or pretty much any story where there is a happy ending, and as far as All These Wonders goes, that is not the case at all. Not to say that the stories told in CSFTS aren't real, but the ones featured in All These Wonders reflect life in all of its stages, colors, and faces. There are stories that restore your faith in humanity and there are others that tear it away from you. There are stories told by the 'Average Joe' and there are stories told by celebrities, entrepreneurs, authors, business men and women, and scientists. Regardless of your background or interests I believe that there is a little bit of something for everyone in this book, whether it be a lesson that needed to be taught or a story to give you strength during a tough time.

Regardless of the tone of the story: dark or light, each one is placed in this book for a reason and as a collective it does warm a person up. All These Wonders is full of real people and their lives. It is raw, and it is beautiful. I am not sure what genre this book would fall under but if I had to guess I would say non-fiction. I know for a lot of people, myself included, non-fiction can be a turn off. But I promise you, this book is not like any other non-fiction book you may have read in the past. Yes, it is filled with real accounts of people's lives, but the accounts are stories, and some of them have twists and turns like one could only imagine came from the creative mind of a skilled writer.

Overall, All These Wonders was a nice read that kept me interested with the quickly changing stories, and I would recommend it as a casual read. I would not say it is something you could sit down and read it in one sitting. Majority of the stories don't appear to last more than five pages so if you need a detailed and intricate plot to keep you engaged then this book is probably not for you.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review