Love Food & Live Well {Review}

Michelle Tolsma

3 Stars

May 31, 2011

I recently read the book Love Food & Live Well by Chantel Hobbs to review. Since I love food, but I am still working to loose the rest of my pregnancy weight, I thought this might be a good book with ideas for trying new ways of accomplishing this. After reading the book, however, I was a little disappointed. Most of it seemed pretty common sense to me. Chantel Hobbs writes from her own experience of losing 200 lbs and how she is now maintaining a healthy weight. She shares that losing weight is not only about the food you eat, but about the way you live your life and surrendering it to God. Moderation is the key to losing the weight and we need to have disciple when it comes to eating. But we don't need to totally give up the foods we love, just follow the 80/20 rule of eating healthy 80% of the time and allowing ourselves to splurge the remaining 20%. She shares which types of food our body needs, some recipes, and exercises. If you have trouble with dieting or keeping weight off even after you've lost it, I would recommend reading Love Food & Live Well. It is very easy to read and really could be applied to many areas of our lives.