One day at a time

Theresa Board

3 Stars

May 31, 2011

Chantel Hobbs encourages all of us to take life (and weight loss, among other things) one day at a time, and indeed, says that that is the only way to succeed. At first glance and when just skimming through, I saw nothing striking about this book or what the author had to say. However, when I focused a little bit more (and lost some of the attitude that I brought in with me from the picture on the cover), I was able to glean some wisdom from what she writes.

Hobbs comes from a Christian perspective, but the reader would benefit from the book even if s/he is not of the same faith or of any faith. I don't think she has any earth-shattering additions to the world of menus or workouts, but I do think she has a markedly different approach to people in general. For me, the beginning of the book has the most benefit for those of us who have had issues with weight. She, unlike most other weight-loss ads and gurus, does not encourage us to be disgusted with ourselves as we are.

She says to make the "before" picture look great. (Actually, that is one of the things I notice about all of the before pictures I have ever seen...people look miserable, not to mention, very pale in comparison to the after shot). Guess what? There are a lot of people who are kind, fabulous people who are not size 6. Being a double digit size does not equal misery. I am so glad to have someone recognize that, b/c that is not the message that is out there, no matter your background. Can't remember if this is an exact quote or not, but really liked it when I read that the person you are right now, before any changes is beautiful, worthwhile, special.

However, she assumes the reason anyone picks up the book is b/c she is ready to change her body. A few other statements she makes that resonated with me: Don't be interested in perfection. Be committed to progress. Celebrate at the end of each day. Whatever you desire, you deserve. If you're committed to changing your life, you have to concentrate on yourself. Create a list, one side says " what I love about me" and the other "what I want to change about me" Put as many as you want in either column, but the number of comments have to be equal for each column.
Stop trying to earn approval. God wants you to have a fulfilling life. I am strong and have been designed with a purpose.

For me, I don't think that having this book as my only source for weight-loss assistance would be enough. However, it does help regarding overall motivation and self-concept. And, I especially appreciate the examples she provides of people who have lost weight and kept it off (including herself). I've been using this book in conjunction with the 17 day diet, which has helped me more in the actual what to eat area.

I have been provided with this book in exchange for a review. The opinions are my own, and I was not required to provide a positive review.