Peace in the Valley (Double S Ranch #3)

LIsa Johnson

4 Stars

May 19, 2017

In the final book of the trilogy, the author treats her readers to a story focused on Trey Walker Stafford.  Trey has been traveling the country, but now his uncle needs a lifesaving operation and Trey could be the match.  Trey’s uncle instructs him to help a local farm family out to pay a long overdue debt, and what comes out of this just might be a budding romance between Trey and Lucy.

Lucy is a single mother who has been running the farm.  Her past has caused her to build a wall around her heart.  Trey’s past has some brokenness in it that causes him to be reluctant to open his heart to Lucy.  Both are searching for peace, forgiveness and a better future if they are willing to let go of their pasts and begin life anew.

Some of the best parts of the novel are reading with bated breath to see if these two main characters are going to risk love and a possible future with each other.  The author does a great job showing how hard it is to walk through a valley filled with pain and regrets in order to get to the other side of wholeness.  The hardest part of the series is knowing this is goodbye to the characters and the Double S Ranch that I have become fond of visiting.

Read the novels and see if you too don’t become attached to the wonderful story within the pages!  The first book is titled, Back in the Saddle followed by the second book, Home on the Range