Love Food and Live Well

Terri Cureton

5 Stars

May 26, 2011

Love Food and Live Well

By Chantel Hobbs

First it's the New Year's resolutions to lose weight and get into shape, then it's time to get in shape for bikini season, then it's time to look our best for the Holiday season. These are just a few times during the year that we are hit full force with diets and losing weight. In Chantel's new book, Love Food and Live Well, you will find a realistic approach to what the body is designed to do and you get a better grasp on "balanced" nutrition and lifestyle changes to help you lose weight or to help you make better food and lifestyle choices.

Chantel shares a lot of personal stories about her weight loss journey, and she provides lots of motivation, encouragement, and instruction to help the reader meet their weight loss goals as well as total emotional, and physical health. I admit, I "love" food! Everyday is a battle of mind over matter and making the right, healthy food choices. Here in Texas, it's already time to start working on that tan for the summer so bikini season is now! So remember. . .food is not the enemy, loving food is not a sin, and we are not bad people because we sometimes make bad food choices!

"Living well and loving food is entirely possible." Chantel Hobbs